How to use an Example of APA Format Essays

Before you start work on your research paper, it would be good to gather all your ideas into a logical sequence that can help you to expand while doing the research. A short outline for a research paper APA example can be very helpful during the working process. While writing an outline you should be logical and consistent.

Tips for Outline Writing

Write a thesis statement at the top of the page. It will concentrate your attention on the chosen topic.

List several key points of your paper. There should be at least three ideas, but no more than five.

Use thesis statement and key points for introduction creation. The rest of the paper should expend your ideas from the introductory paragraph.

APA Research Paper Citing

Citing on research paper APA style is what makes this style so widespread and comfortable to use. Knowing and using the rules of APA citing will enhance communicative skills, therefore this article about how to cite a research paper APA style may be quiet useful for any person. Being confident in the sources you used for your research work can give you the author additional chance to build credibility with the audience. If you know who wrote what and when, while participation in the conversation, you will be able to show that you understand the accepted method of discourse well.

The main purpose of citing is to give the author credit for any of thoughts, ideas and quotations presented in the research paper. It will enable the reader to locate the sources you worked with and use them for their research.

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Initial Steps before APA Citing

  • Step 1 . Decide on type of the used resource. You can use books, web sites, magazines and scientific interviews.
  • Step 2 . Find an example for citing of this specific type of source in the APA manual.
  • Step 3 . Write the citation from the text, following the example from the manual. Pay attention to using proper punctuation. Be ready that your source may have not all the parts needed for the reference.
  • Now we are going to look at the example of correct referring for different types of sources.


Author’s name in the book reference is capitalized and listed surname, then initials. If there are several authors, it is important to separate names with coma and if necessary use the ampersand (&) before writing the last author.

In case you have to include information about editors of the book, use the abbreviations presented below.

Don’t forget to capitalize all the words that go first in titles and subtitles, as well as proper names.

Describing the information about place of publication, you should include the name of the city and two letter abbreviation of the state.

In case of citing only a chapter or a section you should also indicate the pages.

There should obligatory be a space after the abbreviation and a dash between the numbers of the page. Pay attention, the APA requires including the year of source publication unlike other popular styles.

The following abbreviations are used in books citing

  • Ed. one editor.
  • Eds. multiple editors.
  • p. single page.
  • pp. – multiple pages.

Sometimes there can appear the necessity in defining of terms in a research paper APA style. In this case you can take the definition from the dictionary or cyclopedia, and make a reference to this source the following way:

Author’s name. Year of publication. Title of the entry in the dictionary or cyclopedia. Volume number, if appropriate, page or pages number. Place of publication: Publisher.

If you are going to cite some work in an anthology, the reference will look like:

Author’s name. Publication year. Heading/title of selection. Editor’s name. Anthology title. Volume and page number if appropriate. Place of publication: Publisher.

Research Paper Conclusion

For creating a good conclusion writers are advised to create a key summery that would declare a wrap-up for concepts covered in the paper. Quick summarizing may also be good as it will include a lot of ideas presented in your work and you will be able to choose the most important ones. The conclusion should be presented as a separate paragraph of the work and could contain several paragraphs.